We conduct fundraising events which are often led by the Balamitras (children) to raise money which is used to support schools in rural Andhra Pradesh as well as in the vicinity of Hyderabad city. Children who are in-charge of these events, develop leadership skills, execution and planning experience and most importantly, empathy.

The foundation also conducts larger fundraising events to fulfill needs of schools we support. For this we partner with individuals and corporates. If you wish to support our work we encourage you to visit our Donate page.

Balamitra’s 5K run named “Run For A Better Future 2019 – this time for her!” was conducted at Gachibowli stadium on 20th October 2019. This is the first of its kind run that was organized by the kids for the kids. This event was sponsored by Sports For All. More than 30 student organizers and volunteers came together to bring student participants from 20 schools all over Hyderabad. More than 150 runners including students and their families came together to participate in this run to raise money for menstrual hygiene kits for high schoolgirls of Billalavalasa village in rural Andhra Pradesh. The student band “Amplifire” started us off on a high note followed by a high energy flash mob by student volunteers. Thus energized, the runners did 2 laps around Gachibowli stadium (some did 3 because they were having so much fun!) and we finished with certificate distribution and breakfast.

One of the most satisfying projects of 2018 was a fundraiser conceived, planned and implemented by children. We wanted to support Sumaniketan Primary School on the outskirts of Hyderabad and we gave children the challenge of coming up with a fundraiser on their own.

15 Balamitras took up the this task and after deliberations finalised 2 activties viz; A Bake Sale and A Game Fare. They divided themselves in 2 groups each in-charge of one activity. They were given a fundraising target based on the requirements received from the school.

The Balamitras exceeded everyone’s expectations and beat the target  by handsomely raising almost 200% of the financial target. This was a great news for the students at the Sumaniketan School which comprises of 150 tribal children, 50% of whom are girls. From the funds raised we were able to procure Sports and Games equipement, Art and Craft materials and other sundry good that were required at the school. We visited the school along with children to handover the material to the elated school staff and students much to our delight.

To increase the impact at our beneficiary schools in rural Andhra Pradesh, we have partnered with corporates to complement the fundraising efforts of Balamitras. In 2018, CNO IT Services, a Hyderabad based IT firm has sponsored several activities including cash awards for meritorious students of primary and secondary school and scholarships for 10th class pass-outs for pursuing their higher education. In addition to this they also supported in setting up libraries in the schools of Billalavalasa, Ippalavalasa, Vedullavalasa, and Garbham. To introduce children to technology aided learning, they also donated computers and projectors for these schools.

Helping a child discover the joy of reading is not hard – put a book in their hands and their imagination will take flight. To this end, our initiative, titled ‘Books and Bookshelves’ has been aimed at setting up libraries in the three Government schools in rural AP.

To raise funds for this initiative we partnered with Cykul and conducted a peace ride on bicycles in which children participated and raised funds. Further the initiative was posted on Milaap to raise awareness as well as contributions. Some Hyderabad based supporters also pitched in with their contributions.

The money raised was spent towards procuring steel cupboards and over 500 books in Telugu and English languages. These were given to rural schools in Billalavalasa, Vizianagaram.

The books cover varied topics including General Knowledge, History, Literature, Geography, Biographies of eminent personalities, Encyclopaedias, Children’s stories and other useful books as requested by the schools.

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